Article Writing - Why Do It?

Why write articles???

Good question. Some people write articles for the shear joy of it.

Let’s be honest. One of the reasons you’re reading this book in the first
place is because somewhere inside of you, you decided that you
wanted to be a writer. When you were a kid, maybe you wrote short
stories. I know when I was in school, I had no choice. Every English
class they made us write short stories, poems, and other tidbits.

But as I think back to those days, I realize that if it weren’t for my teachers cramming Hemmingway down my throat, I probably never would
have wanted to become a writer. Sometimes school is a good thing.
Others have not so purist intentions. Let’s face it. Writing is big
business. If you think I’m kidding, take a look at the New York Times
best seller list.

Those people are making a ton of money. Make no
mistake about it. Now, I’m not saying that you’re going to make a
fortune writing articles, but if you follow a structure for writing for
the Internet (I’ll explain that in detail later) and a plan for marketing
your articles (also in more detail later) then there is no reason why
you can’t make a decent living online, just from writing alone.

For our purposes, we’re going to write articles for two reasons.

1. We’re going to write articles for the purpose of getting
immediate payment for our writing. There are a number of
places online where you can submit articles for pay. Personally,
this is something I do each day. Not so much the writing for pay
(who has the time anymore?) but the finding of places to share
with my people. The list of places where you can submit your
articles and get paid is growing daily.

2. The second reason is to make an income from our articles in
what I call an indirect manner or “going through the back
door.” This is one of the most popular means of earning a living
on the Internet, which mixes article writing with affiliate
marketing and just about everything else you can think of that
has to do with making money.

But how? How is it that people can write articles and not only get paid
for them but also use them to earn money from other sources?
To understand that, you have to understand a little bit about how the
Internet works.

It’s actually a very logical process. A person who “surfs” the net, is
most likely looking for information about something. It doesn’t
matter what that information is. With today’s search engine
technology, you can find information on just about anything. Simply
go to your favorite search engine (Google will be fine) and type in
anything at all. Doesn’t matter what it is.

Let’s take…”Skydiving”

I just did that and came up with 5,420,000 results, or web pages that
contain the word “skydiving.”

Now, obviously you’re not going to go through all 5,420,000 results.
It would take you about 50 years of Sundays. Most people go as far as
page 3, if that, and then either find what they’re looking for or stop.

Experienced search engine users will know how to narrow that down
to what they’re looking for specifically.

Let’s say you just want information about “skydiving history.” Well,
you could either type that in, with the quotes, or you can type in
“history of skydiving.”

Let’s do both.

Typing in “skydiving history” we get only 13,700 web pages.

Wow, that is quite a difference.

Typing in “history of skydiving” we get only 1,800 results.

Now we’re really narrowing down our results a lot.

The point is, the people who are typing in these keyword phrases are
looking for something specific. Your mission, as the writer, is to give
them EXACTLY what they are looking for. To do that, you simply
write an article on that subject.

So, if you wanted to target people who are looking for information on
the history of skydiving, the “spin” on the article that you will write
will be to concentrate on just that specific topic.

We’ll cover all these things in more detail as we go one.
What you need to get out of this though is that as a writer, if you are
doing this for the money, you MUST first figure out what people want
to read. If you write on topics that are not “profitable” then you’re
simply wasting your time, unless of course you love writing that
much. Well, we’re going to teach you how to write for fun and profit,
because believe it or not, you CAN have both.

So in summary, we are writing articles, for the purpose of our book,
so that we can earn a small income, at first, from doing so.

Over time, as you get more experienced, you will earn more money as a
freelancer and the articles you’ve written for search engine lookups,
as I like to call them, will be bringing you even more money because
of all the backlinks and visitors they’ll be getting you. Don’t worry,
we’ll explain all this in detail later on in the book.
The next thing you need to learn is what I call the not to do’s.

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Online Business Opportunities -- Yearend 2009

What can I say? Online Business Opportunities 2009? I have not made good of my quest for an Internet Business this year. I have tried and experimented with my own ebook, which I priced at a low price--and I wasn't able to sell even one. OMG! =)

I had one sale though from clickbank for a writing guide ebook. Only $6 commission--and has not been repeated since. OMG! again! =)

I'm frustrated, but not that much: I am doing well with my freelance writing gigs.

But with online business opportunities, I am having second thoughts whether I could really succeed here. But I am not quitting just yet. This year, I have spent lots of money for 'make money online' courses, and I am disappointed. tsk tsk tsk!

My advice: Think twice before buying any of such online courses. There is just no guarantee for success. Look at the earnings disclaimer on their sales pages. There are just too many factors at play that can affect your online success.

You can also just read for free on information on websites around. Then experiment with any learning you have gained. The Internet can provide good information if you know where to look. Also, even some Internet Gurus encourage studying offline systems, techniques and strategies to apply in your online business. For example, they have recommended reading "Scientific Advertising" by Claude Hopkins, etc.

Online Business Opportunities 2010 -- I am optimistic still, OMG! hehe yeah, really, even with my dismal failure. But I am sure I will not be spending that much on Internet Marketing materials. And there are just a few Internet Gurus I trust, now...

Make Money Selling Digital Photos

There are many ways to make money online. I have been earning money online thru part time freelance writing.

Then, there is another way: photo wealth system, check it out.

Learn how to make money from your passion--photography. Sell digital photos now...

How To Promote Any Affiliate Program In 5 Easy Steps

How to Promote Any Affiliate Program In 5 Easy Steps

By Jimmy D. Brown of "Affiliatenaire"


Using ezine articles is a great way to promote your favor
affiliate program. What I'd like to do in this article is
provide you with a simple system for effectively writing
an ezine article that strategically promotes your offer.

There are five steps...


This one is kind of a no-brainer. It all begins with deciding
what you want to promote. What offer would you like to
send traffic to.

HINT: You can promote your affiliate link directly, but
what works better is to promote a list at YOUR site which
you then use to promote your affiliate link over and over
again after the visitor becomes a subscribers.


I love to use what I have coined as the "useful, but
incomplete" approach when using freebies of any kind.
(Ezine articles, free eBooks, reports, eCourses, etc.)

What I mean by that is simply this: You provide your reader
with "useful" information (something they find of value and
are able to actually apply) but make certain that it is
"incomplete" in that they can better use the information
by making a purchase.

That's "useful, but incomplete." And it works like a charm.

The idea is to use your content to build up to your desired
response. You provide the reader with content, and then
you make an offer that allows them to fully utilize the
content, gain extra insight from the content or maximize
the content in some additional way.

Let me give you an example -

If I wanted to promote an autoresponder service in an
ezine article, how could I do it? I'd write an article
that explains how to benefit from using autoresponders.
My article would exlain different uses of autoresponders
and how the reader could profit from implementing the

** I.E. 7 Ways To Create Revenue Streams With Autoresponders

Naturally, they will need an autoresponder service in order to
use the information, right? And I just happen to know of a
great service they can use. More on that later.

OK, so that's an example of how to promote a SERVICE offer
with your ezine article. What about a software product or an

Want some examples?

Good, because I've got two...

TO PROMOTE A SOFTWARE PRODUCT. Let's suppose you want to promote
a software program that creates "ecovers". How can you do it?

-- Write an article outlining how important presentation of your
offer is, and how creating a cover graphic can increase response
rates by up to 1300%

-- Write a step-by-step tutorial article for "do-it-yourselfers",
explaining how to design your own graphics from scratch. Then
promote the software as a super-simplified way of doing it.

TO PROMOTE AN EBOOK. Let's suppose you want to promote an ebook
that teaches advanced list-building strategies. How can you do it?

-- Write an article that covers the "basics" of building lists,
and then promote the eBook as the "advanced" tactics.

-- Write an article on how to profit from a list, and then promote
the eBook as the "how to build the list."

See how easy this is?

That's how it works. Determine what your "useful, but incomplete"
approach will be, and then...


Let's use my example again. I decided that I would describe various
uses of autoresponders and how the reader can actually profit from
them. What kind of tips list or tutorial could I create?

* How to Generate More Subscribers, Sales and Profits With
Automated Follow-Up Messages"

* 7 Powerful And Profitable Ways To Use Autoresponders To Skyrocket
Your Sales and Subscribers!

* Want to Increase Your Online Profits And Leads? Here are 7 Ways
to Do It...

I actually went with the middle title. I wrote my list of the 7
ideas that I wanted to share. And I had the makings of a perfect
article to promote an offer.

That's all you need to do. Determine your end result. Decide how
to get there with your "useful, but incomplete" approach. And then
develop a list, or even a step-by-step tutorial for your article
that leads the reader along.

With each new "idea" or "way" or "tip" or "step" or "strategy"
that you share, you can further direct the reader towards
realizing their need of your upcoming offer, and lay the
foundation for them to accept the offer.


Here's more of the easy part. Just "fill-in-the-blanks" to complete
your article. Write 1-2 short paragraphs for each of your points.
Make them good. Provide quality content. The offer you will soon
make will see poor results if your information isn't useful.

Remember, you are trying to presell the reader on the idea that
they are going to need your offer. If you don't provide them with
quality information that they WANT to begin using immediately,
then why will they want to buy what you are promoting?

Light a fire in them. Motivate them. Challenge them. Give them
such nuggets of gold that they want to keep mining until they
hit the mother lode!


There are five things that you should always do to finish up
your ezine article. Don't skip any of them. They are all

* POLISH. Re-read your article. Does it provide information
that really is "useful" to the reader? And yet leaves them
wanting even more? That's what you want. Polish it. Put
on the wax and make it shine. It has a very specific
purpose -- make certain it has the means to achieve it.

* PROMOTE. Use your resource box to promote your offer. This
is why we've written the article, right? Remember step one?
It's time to put it into play. Give the reader what they
(hopefully) are wanting...a way to maximize the information
you gave them.

* PROOF. Don't do this yourself. Have a trusted friend, relative
or co-worker check your article for grammatical and
typographical errors. The last thing you want to do is present
a poor image after sharing some high quality information.

* PUBLISH. Zip your new article out to your favorite list of
publishers. Submit it to the announcement lists and the ezine
directories. Don't forget to publish it yourself in your own

* PROFIT. If you've covered all the bases that I've mentioned,
then profits are almost certain to start coming in when your
ezine article is published. You deserve it. Be proud of your

And then start it all over again!

That's how you promote your favorite affiliate program in 5 easy
using ezine articles.

Obviously, there are many other ways to promote your affiliate
program, as well as a considerable more "details" in the strategy
we've looked at today. If you'd like 52 great ways to promote
your affiliate link AND complete step-by-step details for each
of them, be sure to read the important details below...


Jimmy D. Brown is the author of "Affiliatenaire", teaching
you how to create big-time affiliate commission checks in
only 1-3 hours each week. Discover how you can get cash in
the bank without a website, experience or even an idea!
Visit the site that can help you earn money thru affiliate marketing now.


The Key To Creating Information Products That Sell Even In Overcrowded, Highly-Competitive Markets

With Permission from Jimmy D. Brown

I want you to add a new word to your business vocabulary -

The word is "specialization".

A new age has dawned in information marketing. And it's the age of "specialization".

Before I explain how this will help you create information products that sell like crazy, let me give you a very brief history lesson.

(I promise, this won't hurt a bit. :-)

Information products online have evolved since I logged onto the Internet back in 1999...


Times were simple back when I first came online. And so were the information products. Way back when, information products weren't readily available online like they are today. If you could find ANY information on the topic you were interested in, you grabbed it.


As more and more people learned how to create and market information products online, a new era emerged: the "systematic" era. This was a time when huge information products were created with hundreds of pages. The idea was to create comprehensive courses on a particular topic.


As "internet marketing" and other business-related markets became inundated with product offerings, the birth and rapid growth of "niche marketing" occurred. People began separating themselves from the crowd and focused on "tiny niche topics" of interest.


Again competition came - even in these small niches. While there is still money to be made by focusing on these tiny, untapped markets -- the well is drying up at a fast rate. Now enters a new age ... the "specialization" age of information marketing.

Which brings us to the lesson -

There is a LOT of money to be made by creating small, 7-15 page reports
on PRECISE topics.

Most consumers would rather NOT sift through 100 pages of information to find out how to do something they are interested in, nor would they like to pay for 100 pages of information when they only need chapter 3.

With more and more products available on the market, consumers are getting pickier and pickier. They want what they want and only what they want.

Perhaps the biggest untapped information gold mine lies in this concept of creating small reports on precise topics.

* 17 Ways to Find New Affiliates Using

* How To Walk Off 7 Pounds in 7 Days

* 3 Ways To Get Your Next Vacation Free Of Charge

* The 15-Minute Guide To Stalling A Divorce

* Top 7 Ideas For Starting A Homeschool Support Group

Specialized information.

7-15 page reports that sell anywhere from $10-$100, depending upon the information.

And the benefits of writing these small reports are staggering -

1. You can write a small report in just a few hours of one day.

2. The profit per page ratio is astounding - 10 pages for $10 is a dollar per page per customer.

3. Small reports are MUCH easier to write than full-length courses.

4. There is a never-ending supply of topics for small reports.

5. You maximize the lifetime value of your customer. In other words, you can sell report after report to the SAME customer.

6. A series or collection of your small reports can be bundled into premium-priced courses over time.

7. When "hot topics" emerge (almost daily!) you can quickly crank out a small report to strike while the iron is hot.

8. When other marketers are seeing success with their products, you can create a complementary report to offer for sale as a supplement.

9. Many people can't afford to buy (or refuse to buy) high-priced courses - but virtually anyone can whip out $10-$15.

The list could go on and on.

I've been creating small reports for a long time. In fact, I make over $15,000 in PROFIT every month from just ONE of my sites.

I know this works.

And not just for me.

I had a customer recently email me to let me know he sold 420 copies of his VERY FIRST small report, during its first month.

So, what I want to convince you to do is this -


Create a small 7-15 page report and begin selling it online and see what kind of results you see.

A new information age has dawned - the age of specialization!

Create your own "special" reports and get your piece of the pie.

Do you have an idea for a great Small Report, but need some help? Check out "How To Improve Your Information W.R.I.T.I.N.G.™" by clicking here . You'll learn useful tips to help you in the writing process – so you'll be able to create information products faster, easier and, ultimately, better -- and that's more money in the bank.

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All is well..
The Web Turtle