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Earning Money Online

Who wouldn't want to have their own their very own online business?

Many people do want to have the chance to run an online business, and make money out of it. Some would want to do it part time, others would love to do it full-time.

It is a fact that many have prospered with a business in the Internet, but it is also a fact that many have failed. Having an online business may sound simple, but it would take a lot of hardwork.

There are many online businesses to choose from - one needs to be careful where to invest his money though, as like in the brick-and-mortar businesses - scams are as prevalent.

Always have a business plan...

One thing I learned from one of my Chinese bosses was to always have a plan.

He never failed to emphasize the value of having one, as one can only measure where he is now if he has first made a plan, otherwise everything was left to chance afterall.

Thus, before anything else, first, have a plan...

Every peso counts, every cents even...

In business, and in life, if one indeed values money truly, every peso counts.

Especially in business, moreso if one is operating under a tight budget, the cost of operations should be checked.

There are always opportunities for improvements, and for cost savings if one just takes the time to study it.

I've worked under Chinese managers - it is only recently that I appreciate more what it feels like to be in their shoes, now that I'm having my own business...

Is an MBA a requisite for entrepreneurs?

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"Is an MBA necessary? If you are like me, a bizdriven person, one of whose goal is to make my dreams come true in the form of my business, then it is. If you want to excel in the field, be one of the top 5 percent of the business, you will. If you want to grow twice, thrice or 10 times your size now, you will. " - Wilson Ng

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