The Management Style Employees Prefer

What management style do most employees prefer?

I think though that there is no one best management style. I do believe that there should be different strokes for different folks.

This is why managers should also take the time to know their employees. Knowing the employees' backgrounds, personalities, and work ethics will prove to be very useful when dealing with them -- either when you praise their work, or when you give disciplinary actions.

Different people respond differently on praises or criticisms given to them. Some would prefer being praised silently, either thru an email or by one-on-one talk -- while others prefer that their achievements and praises be made known to the whole world, if that ever should be possible.

In the same way, others respond best when criticisms are done one-on-one, in a closed-door session. Others would feel fine being criticized openly.

Thus, to be able to do well in the area of management and motivation, these should be given due consideration.

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