Customer is Always First

Our customers provide us with the money to continue operating our business. It is why we always provide the best customer service we can. We go out of our way to make things easy for them, to make things convenient for them when they transact business with us.

But did you ever encounter customers who always seem to have a concern or a problem? Not including those who do have valid concerns - but there are just people who seem to demand more out of you, your staff, your services or products - they seem never to be satisfied with your best.

What do we do on such situations? difficult, right? While we want them to stay a customer, dealing with such people seem to make you lose more, than earn.

For me, if I find that their requests are far out, and in fact demands too much - I would prefer ending the relationship. I consider it more of a loss to devote all of my resources pleasing one customer, and seem to never satisfied. I'd rather concentrate on pleasing the many who are perhaps my true customers.

Customers indeed should come first, but they never are always right. Right?

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