The Best Management Style

How would you like your boss to be? What traits do you want him to possess? What management style do you prefer him to have? What is yours? Which do you consider to be the best management style?

There are many management styles that one can use. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Whatever you choose or whatever management style you have, it will not always be fail-proof – and it will not always guarantee success for you. There is just no perfect management style that will always work, as many factors come into play.

The specific situation you are in, the people around you and the unique circumstances around will play a role if your management style will work effectively or not. Certain organizational cultures may fit to your style, but not all will. That is why some managers are so successful in one organization, but shifting to another company would lose his charm and effectiveness.

A manager must then be able to feel it out, before employing a specific management style. This may sound impossible to traditional managers who have been accustomed to getting their way at any cost – even if other ideas are much better than his. Such may have worked before, but this may not be the case in most organizations today.

Today’s generation calls for a manager that is flexible and can adapt well to a continually changing culture. The dynamics inside organizations today are moving so fast, that conventional managers who are not open to change will be at a loss.

Young, intelligent and talented individuals have steadily made their marks over the years, posing a threat to managers who are not responsive to the needs of the times. The young professionals of today, are just so willing to take on higher responsibilities entrusted to them. And they are surely competitive enough, to give the old timers in management a good fight.

The best management style then is one that can adapt well according to the specific case at hand. As they say, ‘different strokes for different folks’ – so why stick to one management style to handle different people in your department with varying personalities?

Each needs to be handled differently. A good manager should be able to know how to distinguish one personality from the other, and how to approach each appropriately. In giving praises for a job well done, some would want it to be done in public while others want it done as private as possible. The same holds true in giving criticisms, the personality of the individual concerned must be considered. The positive working relationships you build with your people will be key to your success.

The best management style is one that you come up with for a particular situation. You adjust according to what is required at hand. You innovate based on your experience and gut feel. You use all your senses and wisdom to use the best management style for that particular moment. Whatever this management style is called doesn’t matter, what is important is that - it works.

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